Turn The Art™

Now you too can journey into the Turn The Art™ Collection of this toy man's artistic creations and invention. Your eyes make your mind take flight as you follow the intriguing forms that defy laws of dimensionality as we know it. The piece creates thought provoking, playful images that you perceive and imagine.

Then, TURN THE ART!™ and the image evokes different emotions and perceptions. With their abstract resemblances to organic, mechanical forms, one can play the game of interpretation with Bollinger. Name what your mind says at each turn. Each piece has a hanging system with surface protection pads, designed to be turned the entire 360 degrees while on the wall. The feature exemplifies Howard's love for his toy approach to his art.

People collect this visionary art because of it's visual dynamism and it's bold use of colors and forms. All are attracted by the playful mysteries that are revealed. Significantly important, it is abstraction with substance.

Creation of the original art channels through the artist from it's fascinating point of origin to his free hand as he draws. It defines his personal understanding that:  "The child was never programmed out of me"


Purchase an original painting from Howard Bollinger direct from Bollinger Gallery. Please inquire about pricing on each painting or request a quote on a custom painting.


Howard's one of a kind paintings can be custom color matched to fit any setting or style. Start by choosing your palette and one of his original hand drawings (he has over 300 unique pieces to choose from) and he'll create a beautifully unique painting, at any size, for your home, office, or collection.