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Howard Bollinger


Howard Bollinger

For decades Howard led of one of the most successful concept teams in the toy industry – classic toys building every family’s memories: Star Wars, Littlest Pet Shop, M.A.S.K., Strawberry Shortcake, Ghostbusters, Baby Live, Batman, Care Bears and more.

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Howard's process starts with beautiful and fun images drawn free hand in pencil then ink. You find him sketching on anything and everything. Always creating an amazing flow of unique drawings in a style we've never seen before.

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Howard brings bold and whimsical color palettes to each painting. The medium is acrylic on canvas, done with precise color delineation. Each one can incorporate the "TURN THE ART™" feature into the hanging system.

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Howard's one of a kind paintings can be custom color matched to fit any setting or style. Start by choosing your palette and one of his original hand drawings (he has over 300 unique pieces to choose from) and he'll create a beautifully unique painting, at any size, for your home, office, or collection.